About Us

Meet Mitch and Jen, the duo behind Willarra Gold.

Located in the Southern Forests town of Manjimup Western Australia, Willarra Gold have been inspired by the flavours of the local region to create hand made products from their very own grown passionfruit. Willarra Gold also work closely with other local farmers to develop the most flavourful, sustainable and fun products for the whole family to enjoy. 

Mitch and Jen in the passionfruit orchard, image by Craig Kinder Photography.

Mitch is a third generation farmer, following in the footsteps of his father Garry and mother Tracey, who have been farming for decades, and grandparents, who paved the way by developing the land, and building solid foundations in animal husbandry, growing fresh produce and food preservation.

Jennifer was raised in nearby Bridgetown and has gained a great knowledge of the region and local ag sector working with the Southern Forests Food Council, an organisation that represents farmers and food producers. Jen is a true advocate for the region and loves sharing her knowledge with others. 

The farm is kept busy producing Hass avocados, passionfruit and managing livestock for production of lambs and beef cattle. You can see the influence of the generations with Mitch’s grandmother Dot, who is an avid preserver, taking a leaf out of her book in some of our value-added products.

The family farm takes pride in making products that are high quality, delicious, nutrient dense and grown regeneratively in a matter that utilises natural biodiversity and improves the land on which they farm.  For over 30 years Willarra Gold has had a biological emphasis to growing food, this means to start by building healthy soils to produce healthy food. It also meant that growing up on the farm everyone took a keen interest in the way nature behaves and how native flora and fauna can help aid in farming sustainably, and now regeneratively.

Sunflower in a summer cover crop.

It’s a great privilege to work with other producers in this area to add value to a fruit everyone remembers fondly from childhood. Willarra Gold are truly humbled by the support they receive from customers and hope to provide something delicious, unique, regenerative and everlasting.

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