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Willarra Gold

Mixed Carton Sodas

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Cherry and Passionfruit Soda's 

The choice is yours, our two great flavours combined for a good time. 

New Cherry soda is bursting with flavour. Made with real fruit from our very hometown and incorporated with the best possible ingredients to create a wonderful experience in your mouth!

The passionfruit soda is a new take on an old favourite, with all the natural flavours of real passionfruit but with all  the fizz and nostalgia to make you think of the good ole days! Our passionfruit soda is sure to refresh and impress you.

Create new memories with old friends while enjoying these full flavoured blends. 

Passionfruit Soda Ingredients: Passionfruit, rainwater, raw organic sugar and citric acid 

Cherry Soda Ingredients: Cherry, Passionfruit, rainwater, raw organic sugar, citric acid, natural cherry essence.